Our trophy selection is quite large since we assemble them in house. Keep in
mind that color, figure, configuration and height are all customizable to suit your
needs. Most trophies come with two lines of engraving on a gold aluminum plate.
Prices indicated are as shown and for reference only. Displayed are some of our
more popular selections and the links display more of what we can provide. "3 or
4 Poster" trophies are also available but not shown. Please contact us with any
questions and for more specific pricing.
Italian Marble Base w/Plastic Figures and Column
(Most plastic figures on 3" marble base, NO column: $6.00 or less w/engraving)
Acrylic Components
Sports Ball Holders
Hill Country Trophy - 512-392-3070
San Marcos, Texas
Metal Loving Cups
Price:  $42.15
*24" total height
*Choose your figure,
accents and color
*7.5" base
Price:  $24.95

*17" total height
*Choose your figure,
accents and color
*Comes standard
w/marble between figure
and column. (NOT
plastic cap as shown).
*7.5" base
Price:  $10.15

*12" total height
*Choose your figure,
accent and color
*5" base 6" col.
Price:  $7.40

*9" total height
*Choose your figure,
and color
*3" base  3" col.
Price:  $23.25

*8.5"w x 8"h
*Pewter colored
figure w/gold trim
*Stock #54373GS
(Texas Hold'em)
Price:  $8.40

*8" total height
*Choose your figure
*Choose color of
Price:  $4.95
Standing Oval
*5" total height
*Choose your
themed insert
Price:  $95.00
Price:  $99.00

*16" total height
*Inquire about
alternate bases
Price:  $4.60

*Add custom brass plate
for a small fee
*These boxes are in stock
for baseball, softball,
football & basketball
(pricing varies).
Price: $95.50 & Up for larger cup

*Inquire about different base options